July 6, 2009
The Road to Gloomwrought

After returning from the Temple of Kord, the party discovered that their makeshift hometown had been destroyed. Searching in the rubble of the town revealed a clue in the form of [[Shano-mel | Shano-Mel]]’s journal. After piecing together several pages, they discovered that Shano knew of an ancient teleportation circle several hours from the village. Presumably, it leads to the city of Gloomwrought, a journey that would normally take weeks, if not seasons to complete. Additionally, Shano had planned to use the circle to travel to the city to meet with Zander Brynn, leader of the Grave Callers. The journal’s final entry, apparently written during the attack by the Githyanki, urged the party to travel to the city in Shano-Mel’s place and meet with Zander.

While pre-occupied with the journal, Ka-Mel and a group of Shadar-kai survivors approached the party, blaming them for the destruction of the village. With the help of Alvynn and Nelara’s silver tongues, conflict was averted, but Ka-Mel verbally hinted at an oath of revenge to come some time in the future before heading off into the woods.

With precious little gloomlight remaining, the group set off in search of the teleportation circle. Nelara reported several times of the feeling of being watched, but nothing came of these. However, an hour and a half into their journey, the party came upon a grisly sight. Dozens of bodies of Shadar-kai and Dark Ones lay deceased in a giant puddle of black bubbling goo. Nelara determined that the goo was in fact a portion of the Shadowfell bubbling up to the surface, and it would probably be a good idea to stay back.

Alvynn was further intrigued by the bodies when he became convinced that he saw a familiar looking Gnome in the pile. Using his mage hand, he attempted to ascertain any more details about the figure, but was interrupted when a Banshee emerged from within the corpse and began attacking the party. At the same time, the black puddles coalesced into four ooze creatures with an aptitude for sucking the blood out of people.

After sustaining a few injuries, the party dispatched with the foul undead creatures. Alvynn finished his investigation of the body, only to discover it was actually just another Dark One. However, in the inside pocket of the body’s jacket, he found his father’s wand…


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